New Scents! New Year! Make a Difference For Animals In Need.

Maria and Sophia, Founders

Hello! Welcome our new Christmas scents and new gift ideas for 2012!

Over the past two years, since the founding of Make A Sale, Save A Tail, we have raised close to $5000 for shelter animals in need all over the United States. This year we are launching some new scents through St. Nick’s stores. In addition to our Christmas Tree, Christmas Apple, Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon Sticks- we have Chocolate Mint, Apple Pie, Christmas Apple and Christmas Pine! All of the new scents are available in our signature Vitamin E and Shea Butter Hand and Body Cream and Brand New–  rich, hydrating hand and body washes.

These new scents are available for a very limited time at our etsy shop! Click HERE to shop. They are also available at St. Nick’s stores in Colorado.  Learn More HERE.


Local Customers who pick up or any customer who Pays by Check is eligible for this special pricing:

  • Buy 1 lotion for $8.50
  • Buy 2 lotions for $16.00 –Save $1.00
  • Buy 3 lotions for $21.00- Save $4.50
  • Buy 4 lotions for $28.00- Save $6.00
  • Buy 5 lotions for $34.00- Save $8.50 (that is a free lotion)!

To Order with this pricing, click HERE.

Each of these orders also comes with free gift tags!


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