Pleased to Announce Another Retail Location!

We are working on getting new retail placements for Make A Sale, Save A Tail. We are very pleased to announce that we will once again be back in Welcome to PCs!PCs Pantry in Boulder, CO. If you have not been to this store before, you are missing out!

PCs owner, Mary Lee began PCs Pantry in a small house on Walnut Street in Boulder in 1998. From the beginning ALL dogs and cats have been welcome to join their guardians and roam inside PCs. Generally this works well, some moments are tumultuous until the 4 legged ones realize that treats will be shared freely.

Mary Lee is a wealth of information. If you have questions about weight management, allergies, lightning nervousness, raw diet or maybe even a remedy for your dogs propensity for eating less fragrant substances, she can assist you.

The red building on the corner of 30th and Bluff

(1 block North from old store) 2828 30th Street

Store Hours

10:00-7:00 Monday

10:00-6:00 Tues-Wed-Thurs

10:00-7:00 Friday

10:00-6:00 Saturday

10:00-5:00 Sunday


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