Make A Sale, Save A Tail in the News!

We are pleased that two publications recently posted articles featuring our products.

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Give Gifts That Give Back. 5 Beauty Products to Add to Your List.

4. The “Make A Sale, Save A Tail” Project

Product: Shea Butter Body Creams in Holiday Scents, $8.50 each

“Located right here in the Denver metro area, this project was started by two sisters, currently 6 and 8 years old, with a mission to help rescue shelther animals. The two began the “Make A Sale, Save A Tail” Project in 2010 after the loss of their pug, Rocky, and give 100% of their profits to animal welfare organizations. They make and sell shea butter based hand and body creams and hand and body soaps in four holiday scents. They also have partnered with biscuit bags to offer small fabric ditty bags which are perfect for dog treats, cell phones, ipods, etc. Available at or at St. Nick’s Stores in the Denver area.”

Holiday Gifts That Give Back

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, and are looking for great gifts that help others—both two and four legged—check out my holiday gift guide.

“Make A Sale, Save A Tail was started by Melissa France and her two daughters (at ages 4 and 6). “We make holiday scented lotions and soaps (professionally labeled at our skin care facility) and our entire product line benefits animal welfare organizations across the country,” says Melissa.  ”What started as an idea to help rescue animals has turned into a small business. We do this October through January every year (this is our third year) and we give 100 percent of our profits to charitable, non-profit animal organizations.  We are not large, but we do donate a large percentage. We don’t make any money on the project. All of our profits are donated from our website.  ”Our love filled project was started in 2010 by Maria, age 6  and her sister Sophia, age 4.  After a tough decision led to having their 12-year old pug Rocky put to sleep, the girls were moved to help animals in shelters find new homes. Working together, the girls came up with the idea to have a product line that would be Christmas-oriented and practical to use.. (Rocky loved Christmas!) The Holiday lotion line was the beginning. The line has grown to include lotions, soaps and small fabric bags. With plans in the works for new summer scents, room sprays, hand soaps & essential oils, the girls have quickly become entrepreneurs for the love of animals!”  Check out their site by clicking here.”


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