Maria and Sophia Meet Some of the Cats at Almost Home Adoptions.

Today was our second opportunity to deliver some much needed items to some very deserving animals and their care-takers. We gathered items from the wish list and headed over to see all the wonderful cats that will use them. 50-60 cats can be daunting for someone who is allergic to cats, but it is all worth it. Even if I sneezed my way through.

Almost Home Adoptions is a very nice and well kept facility. Great Job! There were at least 5 families there looking to adopt while we were there!
Girls visiting with Almost Home Adoption 001Maria Almost home 01Sophia ALmost home 01

Almost Home Adoptions for rescued cats is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) rescue and adoption organization. Founder and Director Kathleen Cline has always had a passion for helping animals in need. She began helping cats several years ago by volunteering. Devastated and saddened by the vast differences in the care of the animals at the local shelters and one horribly ran rescue group, she decided to embark on a crucial need, thus creating “Almost Home Adoptions for rescued cats.”

Because of her strong desire and with the help of her daughter Tanessa, Dr. Lisa Carle, DVM, and many marvelous volunteers, over 4,000 lives have been helped since inception November 2005. We provide excellent care and love to all the kitties received.

The adoption center is cage-free which helps the kitties’ overall physical and mental health. The cats in our care are primarily strays and frequently have been injured or abused. We give them tender loving care along with any additional medical treatment necessary. We spend an average of $300 on every kitty that enters the adoption center. Every cat that finds its way to Almost Home Adoptions is spayed or neutered, tested for FeLV/FIV, vaccinated, and dewormed prior to finding a forever home.

Without our group of dedicated volunteers Almost Home Adoptions would not exist.


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