Charitable Organizations

Make A Sale, Save A Tail is a great way to raise funds for your Organization this holiday season!

We have always given all of our Profits from the sales of the Make A Sale, Save A Tail products to Animal Welfare Organizations. We have raised close to $5000 in the past two years with this seasonal project.  This year we have added a new program- available only to charitable animal organizations!

Home for the Holidays Retail Set:We will be providing non-profit animal welfare organizations with point of purchase retail sets that can be displayed on your counter or anywhere you have visitors in your facility or at your events. Our sets contain 12 lotions of your choice.  We will also provide you with an 8 x 11 display board about the products and project. As a non-profit, you will keep $5.00 from every bottle that sells. We only ask that you pay $3.50 for each that is sold after it sells. This helps with our cost in making, bottling, labeling and shipping lotions so that we can continue this project for years to come. We will re-stock your set whenever you need it and we will take back any remaining inventory at the end of the season. Return everything that does not sell!

Founders, Maria and Sophia France at a fundraising event.

Simply fill out our form below to get started!

The Holiday Lotions are our signature product! These highly scented, super moisturizing lotions make perfect gifts. Nourish your  dry skin while filling the air with wonderful holiday scents, Christmas Tree, Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon Sticks and Christmas Apple. Celebrate the season and give to animals in need.

Features: This Beautifully Blended Body Cream is enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamins A & E and Botanicals to nourish and protect dry, winter skin.


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